Why choose a Euratainer?

  • Improve industrial hygiene, reduce infection, kill odour and discourage vermin.
  • Responsible waste management contributes to your company image.
  • Potential to reduce your waste collection costs.
  • The Euratainer comes as standard with a stainless steel cooling evaporator with reliable TIG welds.
  • The Euratainer has been tested as the best on the market by experimental farms, and is recommended by rendering and processing plants.
  • The Euratainer is the most energy efficient cadaver cooler on the market.
  • The Euratainer was subjected to the DLG Focus test in Germany in 2004.
  • The Euratainer is developed and produced by Coolworks BV, a company with in-house refrigeration knowledge, which means it can quickly resolve technical issues. The company anticipates social trends and tailors its product offering accordingly. Customized variants of the Euratainers can also be produced on request.

Technical specifications for all Euratainers

  • Cooling unit: stainless steel evaporator as standard. These stainless steel evaporators are specially produced for Coolworks BV with durable TIG welds that prevent leakage.
  • Refrigerant: Propane R-290 (CFC-free, halogen-free). The use of Propane helps make the Euratainer energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Temperature: constant storage temperature of between 4 and 8 °C.
  • Power connections: fully wired, 230 V / 50 Hz (13A earthed plug).
  • Operation: An electronic thermostat regulates the cooling for optimal effectiveness.
  • Casing: The Euratainer is constructed from durable polyester.
  • Insulation: 60mm thick insulated walls with a value of 0.323 W/m² K.
  • Latches and hinges: Stainless steel.
  • Easy to use: Gas struts ease operation of lids. The seamless internal surfaces are easily cleaned.