Installation and maintenance instruction for Euratainer:

1. Place the Euratainer on a flat surface and if possible under a roof

2. The space where the Euratainer is installed must be adequately ventilated

3. Connect the Euratainer to 230 V mains voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz. Use only earthed power

4. Switch off the electricity in the event of a malfunction

5. Make sure the condensation water can flow freely (at the back or side of the Euratainer)

6. Make sure that the flap and front door(s) are always tightly closed

7. Clean the condenser (black radiator outside, see photo) of the cooling unit at least 4 x per year. I.e. dispose of dust, sand and other items

8. When cleaning interior space Euratainer, with high-pressure sprayer and without aggressive cleaning agents, remove plug from socket

9. Open containers in the Euratainer

10. In the winter do not switch off the Euratainer, the thermostat ensures the right temperature and the fan continues to run