Euratainer conditions your bait

Euratainer has had the best solution for storing your animal bait or waste since 1991. Known and acclaimed in no less than 17 countries and with over 14,000 coolers sold, we are the market leader in Europe. Where in the past especially the agricultural sector often used our solutions, think of the storage of live maggots as food for chickens, they are also extremely suitable for the storage and preservation of live bait for fishing.

Refrigerating bait for fishing is important to maintain the freshness and quality of the bait so that it remains attractive to fish. It is important to refrigerate bait as soon as possible after purchase or preparation to prevent spoilage.

Euratainer cooling units, with their durable and energy-efficient solutions, ensure that your bait remains fresh and attractive to fish while fishing. Euratainer coolers are more environmentally friendly than comparable coolers mainly due to the use of propane.

Because you can keep your bait longer it also saves unnecessary transportation which in turn saves costs and is more environmentally friendly. Euratainer supplies coolers in all shapes and sizes. Large enough to store various pallets. Ideal for fishing on a large or small scale.



What is a Euratainer?

Euratainers are Cadaver coolers specifically designed to provide a controlled environment with low temperatures to slow bacterial growth and reduce decomposition. 

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Why Euratainer?

Euratainers are known for their quality, energy efficiency, longevity and ease of maintenance.

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Saving energy

A Euratainer is designed to use the best insulation and cooling technologies to minimize energy consumption.

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We are happy to list the benefits for you:

• Recommended by rendering and processing companies

• Cost saving/span>

• Hygienic  

• Energy efficient

• Environmentally friendly and durable

• High quality materials

• Excellent service and warranty

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