Storage for game on site

Euratainer has had the best solution for temporary storage of your animal waste and carcasses since 1991. Known and acclaimed in as many as 17 countries and, with over 14,000 coolers sold, market leader in the industry. And now the Euratainer coolers are also available for hunting. This allows you to store the game for a longer period of time during the hunt. A great advantage for wildlife management.

With these special hunting units with an energy-efficient cooling system, the shot game can be stored quickly, carefully and safely. This insulated container both maintains a constant cooling temperature to prevent spoilage. In addition, the high-quality materials make these units very easy and quick to clean.

These units can be placed anywhere and are equipped with an extra quiet cooling unit to minimize disturbance to the environment. The Euratainer hunting units can be equipped with special storage racks and hooks to store your game. Fully customizable. Naturally, these units are fully lockable and vandal-proof for worry-free storage. All the unit needs is a permanent power supply of 220V.


What is a Euratainer?

Euratainers are Cadaver coolers specifically designed to provide a controlled environment with low temperatures to slow bacterial growth and reduce decomposition. 

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Why Euratainer?

Euratainers are known for their quality, energy efficiency, longevity and ease of maintenance.

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Saving energy

A Euratainer is designed to use the best insulation and cooling technologies to minimize energy consumption.

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We are happy to list the benefits for you:

• Recommended by rendering and processing companies

• Cost saving/span>

• Hygienic  

• Energy efficient

• Environmentally friendly and durable

• High quality materials

• Excellent service and warranty

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