Meet the new team




Since January 2020, Huub Hompes is the new owner of Coolworks. Together with his son Nick and daughter Savine, he is continuing the development of the Euratainer and further expanding the company. Huub has produced our cooling units for 30 years and knows all the products inside out.The same goes for his son and daughter. Their father has involved them in the development of the product since an early age. Together they are ready for the future of Coolworks.


Cleanliness and biosecurity are now of paramount importance in many businesses. For companies that deal with perishable waste – such as carcasses, offal and food scraps – the Euratainer ® offers an ideal solution. The refrigerated storage of these waste streams is the first step towards better hygiene. Durability, quality, service, low energy consumption, and environmental and user friendliness are key values of the Euratainer ® from Coolworks BV. It is not for nothing that it has been number 1 in Europe since 1991.

The Euratainer is suitable for anyone dealing with perishable refuse. Storing perishable waste in a refrigerated environment avoids unpleasant odours and the vermin that come with them. This in turn improves your company’s hygiene and image. Many businesses from various sectors have already discovered our Euratainer; numerous companies with different refuse problems, yet all with the common view that hygiene is a top priority.

Since the introduction of the new destruction law in 2000, cattle farmers must store their small carcasses of up to 40 kg in cooled conditions, before the destruction company collects them. The Euratainer was initially developed for the refrigerated storage of carcasses and has supplied many cattle farmers in this sector with a cooling system. An added advantage of the new law is that the company hygiene and image of the cattle farmers and destruction companies has improved through the introduction of carcass refrigeration. Unpleasant odours and vermin are reduced and diseases are less easily spread. Unfortunately, many vets also have to deal with the death of pets and animals. A hygienic storage system is essential in these cases. Our Euratainer is the ideal solution.

Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, cafés, holiday parks, hospitals and hospices… wherever food is prepared or processed, it is very important to work in a hygienic environment. It is impossible to prepare food without producing perishable waste products. Based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), every company involved in the preparation of foodstuffs must develop and follow a hygiene code. Important factors in the hygiene code are refuse control and vermin. The Euratainer offers a solution for this. The refrigerated storage of perishable waste will avoid unpleasant odours and the vermin that go with them. This results in improved company hygiene and has a positive effect on your company image.

Abattoirs and butchers are involved in the production of foodstuffs, just like the catering, retail and recreational industries. The same rules apply for them. Refuse from the meat-processing sector is sometimes processed further by destruction companies. For them it is important that the product they receive is of the highest quality. Refrigeration also has a positive side effect; it dehydrates. The cooled storage of offal and carcasses ensures that the quality of the product is optimized and guaranteed. 

The Euratainer is available in a variety of sizes and is therefore suitable for all kinds of businesses. In addition to this we also offer made-to-measure solutions.

The Euratainer is user-friendly and delivered ready for use, so you don’t have to worry about complicated instructions and technical specifications. It is also very environmentally friendly: extremely energy-saving (the most efficient of its kind: see the test results…) and uses a unique cooling agent; propane.