What is a Euratainer

A Euratainer is a cadaver cooler (also known as a cadaver refrigeration unit) specifically designed as a storage system used to keep animal carcasses at a controlled temperature. The purpose of a cadaver cooler is to slow the decomposition of the body and reduce the growth of bacteria, thus maintaining the hygiene and quality of the cadaver over a period of time.

Cadaver coolers are commonly used in the agricultural, hunting and veterinary sectors as well as in animal hospitals, zoos, research institutions and other facilities where it is necessary to store animal carcasses before they are eliminated by burial, cremation, rendering or other methods. In addition, the use of Euratainers as storage for live bait for fishing is on the rise.

A Euratainer is equipped with an insulated room with temperature control in which the carcass can be placed. Maintaining low temperatures slows decomposition and reduces the spread of odors and bacteria. This helps maintain hygiene and minimizes the risk of spreading germs.

Maintenance of a Euratainer is important to ensure the proper operation and hygiene of the system, as well as to extend its life.

Wat is een euratainer