Why a Euratainer

Euratainers are highly reliable cadaver coolers with a long service life that put ease of use and energy savings ahead of the rest.

Why choose a Euratainer?

  •  Improve company hygiene, reduce infection pressure and get rid of odors and pests.
  • This also contributes to your company image.
  • Reduce your collection costs.
  • Our Euratainer comes standard with a refrigerated stainless steel evaporator with the durable TIG welds.
  • The Euratainer has been best tested on test farms and is recommended by rendering and processing companies.
  • The Euratainer is the most energy-efficient cadaver cooler on the market.
  • The Euratainer was tested in 2004 by DLG Fokus test in Germany.
  • The Euratainer was developed and is produced by Coolworks B.V., a company that has the refrigeration expertise in-house. We have our own service department and can solve technical problems quickly. We respond to social developments and adapt our product range accordingly. We continue to develop our Euratainers and we can provide customization upon request.

Technical specifications for all Euratainers:

  • Refrigeration unit: standard with stainless steel evaporator. These stainless steel evaporators are specially produced for us with durable TIG welds, this prevents leakage.
  • Cooling medium: propane R-290 (CFC-free, halogen-free). Partly due to this cooling medium, our Euratainer is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Temperature: constant storage temperature between 4° and 8° C.
  • Connected load: ready to plug in, 230 V / 1 / 50 Hz (edge-earthed socket 16 A).
  • Operation: an electronic thermostat regulates the optimal operation of your refrigeration system.
  • Enclosure: Durable polyester enclosure
  • Insulation value: 0.323 W/m²K, insulated walls of 60mm thickness
  • Hinges and locks: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Use: ergonomic due to gas springs and doors, easy to clean due to seamless interior.

Our values:

Our values of "durability, quality, reliability, service, user and environmental friendliness" are not empty words. These values are reflected in our company as follows:

The Euratainer consists of only high quality materials. Our technical team is constantly looking for the latest developments in the refrigeration segment. Years of experience have enabled us to continually optimize the Euratainer into the rock-solid product it is today. We were the first to bring a cadaveric cooler with Propane as the refrigerant onto the market, we were the first to introduce the stainless steel evaporator and we are now the only one to supply a stainless steel evaporator with TIG welds.

By using high-quality materials and solid construction, the Euratainer is very durable. In addition, we look at sustainability in relation to our footprint in the world: we have been using Propane as a refrigerant for a long time, all materials in the refrigeration unit are recyclable and the quality of our stainless steel evaporators with TIG welds is high (this extends the life span considerably).

Because we have the refrigeration expertise in-house, the reliability of the Euratainer is exceptional. Our service is fast and effective. In addition, the Euratainer has been developed from this technical knowledge. This means that, as a user, you don't have to worry about it. The electronic thermostat, for example, ensures that the Euratainer is always at the right temperature and does not consume any unnecessary energy.

The customer's wishes come first. We think along with you. If no solution can be found in our regular product range, we will look for a possible solution together. Since we have everything in house, we can also provide customized products. Our service technicians are STEK-trained and know everything about refrigeration and of course the Euratainer in particular. Our service is fast and effective. The warranty on the Euratainer is 24 months.

The large loading ramp and large panels / doors at the front make the Euratainer particularly easy to load and unload. Because the Euratainer is completely seamless, it is also very easy to clean. Finally, the Euratainer is ready to plug in and the electronic thermostat ensures that the user does not have to worry about it.

Environmental friendliness:
The refrigerant we use, propane, is particularly environmentally friendly. On the one hand, because propane is free of CFCs and therefore does not cause a greenhouse effect. On the other hand, propane makes the Euratainer's energy consumption low. In fact, the Euratainer cadaver refrigeration system is the most economical of its kind. Finally, all parts of our refrigeration unit are recyclable.