• Cadaver Cell 3 clean / dirty way
  • Cadaver Cell 3 clean / dirty way
  • Cadaver Cell 3 clean / dirty way
  • Cadaver Cell 3 clean / dirty way
  • Cadaver Cell 3 clean / dirty way

  • 187x 181 x 174 cm excluding refrigeration unit (WxDxH)
  • Durable polyester and stainless steel latches and hinges
  • 295 kg
  • Propane R-290 (CFC-free, halogen-free)
  • Stainless steel evaporator as standard, with durable TIG welds that prevent leakage
  • Fully wired, 230 V / 50 Hz (16A earthed plug)
  • Six mini-containers of 240 litres or one trolley of 1100 litres

The Euratainer Cadaver Cell 3 is slightly narrower and lower than the Cadaver Cell 1 (Top and Mono) and 2 and is suitable for large companies with a large waste flow. As well as 6 barrels or 6 containers, it can hold a 1100 litre rolling container or a 950 litre cadaver tray with 3 containers. We have developed the 950 litre cadaver trays in collaboration with Rendac and LTO, and they are completely certified and perfectly suited for above ground storage. This clean-dirty way unit has two doors at the rear and two doors at the front. This means there is minimal contact between the clean back (within the field of production) and the dirty front (where the contents are removed to be loaded for the rendering plant).

Cadaver Cells offer a good alternative to underground storage or cooling cellars. Storing above ground means that the same result can be achieved with a smaller investment. There is no need for excavation or other activities (placing wells, paving, digging, etc.) as the Cadaver Cell is placed directly in the desired location. Another advantage of this system is that the cadaver refrigeration (and the cadaver trays) can be placed directly in the vicinity of the shed.

This cadaver refrigeration system comes complete with our RVS evaporator with TIG seam welds. These welds contain no ‘other raw materials’ such as tin or silver that can be sensitive to the aggressive gasses, such as ammonia, produced by cadavers. In short, our welded seams are also RVS. 


The Cadaver Cell is simple and ergonomic to use and complies with Health & Safety regulations. This cadaver refrigeration unit has two doors at the front for unloading the barrels or containers. The doors can also be opened from the inside.

The automatic thermostat incorporated in our refrigeration unit makes the Euratainer very easy to use. It is ready to plug-in. The thermostat ensures that the temperature is constantly held between 4 and 8 degrees. 

The interior of the Euratainer is completely seamless, which makes cleaning simple and means no waste residue can be left behind. The outer casing is made of polyester with insulated walls (6 cm thick, with an insulation value of 0.323 W/m²K). Very sturdy, energy-efficient and robust.