• Euratainer 6 LM
  • Euratainer 6 LM
  • Euratainer 6 LM

  • 224 x 156 x 129 cm excluding refrigeration unit (WxDxH)
  • Durable polyester and stainless steel latches and hinges
  • 240 kg
  • Propane R-290 (CFC-free, halogen-free)
  • Stainless steel evaporator as standard, with durable TIG welds that prevent leakage
  • Fully wired, 230 V / 50 Hz (16A earthed plug)
  • Six mini-containers of 240 litres

This Euratainer 6 LM (Low Model) cadaver refrigeration system provides space for 6 barrels or 6 containers ór our Cadaver Bin 950 L. It is perfect for companies with a more than average amount of waste flow. It is also available in in a clean-dirty way model. 

The loading door has gas pressure springs, which make it simple and ergonomic to use. This cadaver refrigerator has two doors in the front to facilitate unloading barrels or containers.

Like all our models, this Euratainer comes complete with our RVS evaporator with TIG seam welds. Our RVS evaporators are produced by a special company in Italy that is specialised in these TIG seam welds. This welding method uses no ‘other raw materials’ such as tin or silver, which greatly reduces the chance of leakage. In short, the welded seams of our evaporators are also RVS, which therefore also significantly increases the lifespan of these units. 

The automatic thermostat in the cooling unit means that the user does not have to worry about the temperature in the cadaver refrigerator. The thermostat ensures that the temperature is constantly held between 4 and 8 degrees. The Euratainer is easy to use. After delivery, simply plug it in and the rest is easy.

The outer casing is made of polyester with insulated walls (6 cm thick, with an insulation value of 0.323 W/m²K). The interior is completely seamless, which makes cleaning simple and means no waste residue can be left behind.